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FBPFY financially supplements aspects of these programs

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A partnership between the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department, Fort Bend County Animal Services, and Fort Bend Partnership for Youth, Inc. The program focuses on finding permanent homes for dogs from Fort Bend County Animal Services while teaching valuable skills to youth from Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation.

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A nationally acclaimed 10-session parent training program.  The Parent Project is designed for parents to be able to work with strong-willed and out-of-control destructive adolescent behavior. Includes Sub-programs: Partners in Parenting / Loving Solutions Program and a Teen Parenting Program.

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Transitions work / study program provides juveniles with the tools needed to be educationally ready, literate in all areas of job readiness, and confidently knowledgeable of higher education / military opportunities to strive towards a successful future.

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Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department Staff Mentor visits a juvenile
one-to-one during the school day on a weekly basis. The Mentor in School is for a youth that is not a candidate for our One-To-One Mentoring Program.


The Texas Gulf Coast T.O.B.I.L. (Tattoo Obliteration By Infrared Light) Program is offered to both juveniles in the system and anyone interested in the service.  The sliding scale fee is based on the client’s income. All treatments take place at Access Health in Richmond, Texas.


A Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Staff member is provided to tutor a student in any subject that they need additional help in. The staff member tutors the students at any of the FBCJPD GED sites, as well as the juveniles that are detained in the detention center.


Adult volunteer mentors from the community are recruited, screened and trained to provide visitation to juveniles involved with the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Detention Center.

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Address: 122 Golfview Dr, Richmond, TX 77469

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